1. Air's Edits
    World Air

  2. Message 045 EP (Lo153)

  3. A Learning Curve (Lo156)
    Mr. G & K15

  4. Glistens (Lo152LP)
    Ed MacFarlane / Various Artists

  5. Its Been Hell: 20 Years of Lo Recordings (Lo144)
    Various Artists

  6. Daylight (Deluxe Version) (Lo141)
    Leo Abrahams

  7. Everyone Was A Bird Remixed (Lo139)

  8. Orbit Ceremony 77 (AK84)
    Black Devil Disco Club

  9. The Show Must Go (Lo138)
    The Chap

  10. Child Of A Shooting Star (Lo131)
    Tom Furse

  11. Digs (Lo130DA)
    Tom Furse

  12. Disco Club (Lo127)
    Black Devil Disco Club

  13. Card Trick EP (Lo109EP)
    Red Snapper

  14. Nuggets 3 (Lo103)
    Luke Vibert

  15. Milky Disco III: To The Stars (Lo80)
    Various Artists


  17. Dreamer (Lo91)
    Susumu Yokota

  18. Zeus & Apollo

  19. Kaleidoscope (Lo84)
    Susumu Yokota

  20. Well Done Europe
    The Chap

  21. Milky Disco II: Let's Go Freak Out (Lo76)
    Various Artists

  22. Mother (Lo73)
    Susumu Yokota

  23. Love Or Die (Lo66)
    Susumu Yokota

  24. Colors of The Sun (Lo70)

  25. Wonder Waltz (LCD57)
    Susumu Yokota

  26. Milky Disco (Lo62)
    Various Artists

  27. Skintone Collection (LCD63)
    Susumu Yokota

  28. Watch The World Go By
    Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn

  29. Moog Acid (LLP64)
    Luke Vibert

  30. 28 After
    Black Devil Disco Club

  31. Moog Acid
    Jean Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert

  32. Symbol (LCD45)
    Susumu Yokota

  33. Distant Sounds Of Summer (Lo56)
    Susumu Yokota & Rothko

  34. Further Nuggets (Lo28)
    Luke Vibert

  35. Barry 7's Connectors 2 (LLP31)
    Barry 7

  36. Luke Vibert's Nuggets
    Various Artists

  37. Acid Quakers 1000


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London based Electronic record label, 20 years strong.

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